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JOSHUA BERGEY has been indispensable in furnishing our family's dream home. He genuinely understands our taste. He listens well and makes us feel as involved in the artistic process as we want! His ideas are evocative and his custom built-in designs pull a room together. Joshua brings us unique elements that fit our style perfectly—from fun but durable seating for our children's Playroom to vintage lighting and lush rugs that look like paintings on our hardwood floors.
Susanna & Rich Dubois, Home Owners, Maine

The scope of JOSHUA BERGEY's talent inspires me. I have seen him work in timber frame construction, Cape Cod, high-end contemporary, and Classic Georgian. He works with equal grace and ease in every period of furnishing and decoration—from classic and traditional to cutting-edge modern. Unlike most designers, Joshua makes his client's agenda his agenda. Joshua's designs enhance architectural integrity while introducing free-thinking ideas that put the project in a class of its own.
Carole Deutsch, Architectural Design Consultant, New York and New Jersey