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I have seen the average designer curate a home or business with artwork on a superficial level. However, JOSHUA BERGEY is far above the typical designer. His casual demeanor and knowledge of the contemporary art world set his clients at ease. From finding art to placement and installation, Joshua works well with both new collectors and art connoisseurs. He enriches his clients' experience of living with artwork in their long-term spaces.

My personal experience working with JOSHUA resulted in a dwelling space that celebrates my personality. Using shape, line, and color, Joshua enhanced the design of my apartment and made its architectural features shine. He made small rooms feel open and airy. Now my rooms showcase my collection of paintings and sculpture. Joshua collaborates well. He has a fast intellect that allows him to absorb the details of any environment so that he can set a stage for his inspirational ideas.
Suzanne L.F. Gagnon, Cooper Jackson Art Gallery